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Do NOT let them read about penguins!

Today in Children’s Literature we briefly discussed the new kid’s book that is apparently stirring up a lot of controversy. It is called And Tango Makes Three, and it’s about two penguins raising a baby penguin. You may be asking yourself, “what’s the problem with that?” Well, both of the penguins are male. Instead of …

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Poor Evelyn, Poor World

My wonderful Adolescent Psychology professor was in quite a funk today. She came in and yelled at us because she found out that a student had been plagiarizing all of her papers. I can understand Evelyn’s pain as that is the bane of any professor’s existence. To make matters worse, she was really upset about …

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Let’s not be PC about biology!

Today, when looking on Progressive’s website, I noticed the horrible atrocity of political correctness via wrong diction! This is my all-time favourite piece of PC jargon. Here’s a screenshot of the site: Progressive? Let’s briefly go over this error. Gender refers to the sets of behavioural norms applied to either sex, respectively. That is, the …

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