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Graduating Class – The New Yorker – 30 May 2016

Today I saw the cover of the 30 May 2016 edition of The New Yorker, which was designed by artist R. Kikuo Johnson, and it really hit home for me. The illustration depicts the graduating class of 2016 walking out of their commencement ceremony whilst a member of the 2015 graduating class is working as …

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The Mask You Live In – Something terribly destructive that we demand of boys all the time

Gender development is one of my primary foci within the field of Child and Adolescent Psychology, and this video from The Representation Project vividly portrays one of the most destructive demands that we place on young boys—”Be a man!” The Mask You Live In – Be a Man! There are wonderful pieces of wisdom from …

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IISE Top 10 New Species for 2012

Each year, the International Institute for Species Exploration at Arizona State University chooses the top ten new species found throughout the previous year. The Top 10 for 2012 have been chosen, and posted to the website. This year, there were some really neat plants and animals that made the cut, including the Walking Cactus and …

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