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Introduction to Wine, part III: Seasons of the vine

In the second instalment of “Introduction to Wine,” I explained some of the flavour components of wines, and the terminology that is generally used to describe those flavours (as well as some of the corresponding aromas). In this chapter, though, I’m going to cover a very important non-drinking-related aspect of wine–the seasons of the vine. …

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Wine tasting review – 16 June 2012

Today, as I had a lot of errands to run, I only went to the tasting at HV Bottle Shop. This week’s tasting was from a particular distributor known as Juice Wine Purveyors, and focused on a theme of wines for the Patio and Grille: Wines are discussed in order from right to left The …

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IISE Top 10 New Species for 2012

Each year, the International Institute for Species Exploration at Arizona State University chooses the top ten new species found throughout the previous year. The Top 10 for 2012 have been chosen, and posted to the website. This year, there were some really neat plants and animals that made the cut, including the Walking Cactus and …

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