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I know that the movie has been out for quite some time–the original release date being 11 July 1997–but I recently watched it again and believe that a critique is in store. This film was an attempt to capture all the complexities and mind-bending ideas of Carl Sagan’s book of the same name. Sagan didn’t …

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The term at Uni is over!

After a few time-consuming exams, the Spring 2007 term at Uni is finally over! While I had a lot of fun, and enjoyed the majority of my classes, it was a rigorous semester that required a lot of me. I tried to juggle all the academics, volunteering at school, working on computers, and various other …

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Stems cells can form into any organ, including a washed brain

Everywhere I go I seem to see these signs saying “No stem cell research!” or even “Say NO to cloning!” These types of signs really frustrate me because all they demonstrate is a complete lack of understanding. While I have nothing against one following one’s own religious values, I do disagree with BLINDLY following the …

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