Stems cells can form into any organ, including a washed brain

Everywhere I go I seem to see these signs saying “No stem cell research!” or even “Say NO to cloning!” These types of signs really frustrate me because all they demonstrate is a complete lack of understanding. While I have nothing against one following one’s own religious values, I do disagree with BLINDLY following the ideas of a religious figurehead! The Pope & Catholic Church have instilled the grossly skewed correlation between stem cell research and cloning

Stem cell research could improve the quality of life for many individuals and could even save the lives of some. Interestingly, these same Catholics that are opposed to stem cell research are against abortion because of their high regard for the sanctity of life. George Carlin eloquently summarized this contradictory logic by saying:

“If you’re pre-born, you’re fine; if you’re pre-school, you’re fucked!”

In closing, I have no problem with supporting one’s pre-election beliefs by placing signs urging a certain type of vote, but PLEASE have a firm understanding of the issue at hand before doing so.

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