Sunday was much nicer

Saturday wasn’t all that fun, and if you want to know about those events, you can read the entry below this one. However, today was much nicer. I was in good company, ate a nice meal, and went on a long photo shoot.

First, I met up with Deb and we went over to a nice restaurant for fried chicken. It was a family meal where you don’t actually order anything off of a menu. Instead, the waitress brought out five pieces of chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, and rolls. The chicken was pretty good as was the corn, which had little diced up pieces of bell peppers. The mashed potatoes were good as well, but they were a little on the salty side. After the main meal, we each got a slice of chocolate cake with pecans (pronounced “peek-ans”) on top.

One of the funniest things was that when we walked in, these two waitresses were talking about me. The one said “did you see him?” and the other responded with “no; was he cute?” The first one corrected her, saying “no, he was HOT.” It was entertaining. After that, our waitress came by the table quite frequently to quote-unquote “see how we were doing.” While it was flattering, it was more amusing than anything else.

Second, we went to the park and I shot some pictures of roses and a couple other things. Nothing too interesting. Later on, after the sun went down (which you couldn’t tell all that well because of the clouds), we went to the freeway to shoot some long exposures. I got a few neat shots of cars passing by, and since I had the shutter speed between 15 and 30 seconds their headlights and taillights formed fluid lines in the photo. After those highway shots, we went to this other park and I took a really interesting shot of a bridge. Again, since it was a long exposure, the water looked like a smooth oil-painting. It’s probably the only one of the night that I’ll end up printing, although some of the others were good.

So, today turned out to be a lot better than yesterday. I hope that this week goes by just as smoothly and quickly as did today. The only regret I have about today is that it couldn’t have lasted longer. 🙂

|:| Zach |:|

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