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Science presented in the media

Having just finished a paper on how the media presents scientific findings, I thought I would share it with the world. Basically, this is an anecdotal investigation which focuses on an article by John Cloud that can be found in the TIME Magazine issue from 28 January 2008. In case you don’t have access to …

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The term at Uni is over!

After a few time-consuming exams, the Spring 2007 term at Uni is finally over! While I had a lot of fun, and enjoyed the majority of my classes, it was a rigorous semester that required a lot of me. I tried to juggle all the academics, volunteering at school, working on computers, and various other …

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Analytical Report on the validity of United States democracy

I just finished my analytical report discussing the effectiveness of two different articles regarding the framers’ ideas about democracy. To really understand this analysis (as well as with any other analysis), it is necessary to read the two articles being analysed. If you want to read those articles, they are available in the book How …

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