The term at Uni is over!

After a few time-consuming exams, the Spring 2007 term at Uni is finally over! While I had a lot of fun, and enjoyed the majority of my classes, it was a rigorous semester that required a lot of me. I tried to juggle all the academics, volunteering at school, working on computers, and various other things. I found out that sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day. That is why I have made the executive decision to extend days from their current 24-hour spans to a new 36-hour period! 😉

Anyway, I thought I would upload a few of my papers from the past term and let you all read them; that is, if you care to. If you read any of them, please feel free to comment–whether positively or negatively–and, by all means, start a discussion. 🙂 To view any of the files, you will need Adobe Reader, which you can get by clicking on the link in the right-hand toolbar that says “Adobe Reader.” Please right-click on each file and hit “save as,” instead of simply left-clicking on the links.

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Human Lifespan Development:
Morning and Grief (reflection)
Intersexuality and Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (reflection)
Racism (reflection)
Wrongful birth (reflection)
Final paper — Non-normative gender development (research)

Teaching Elementary Reading:
The reading / writing connection (reflection)
Readers’ theatre (reflection)
Literature circles (reflection)

Educational Psychology:
Midterm (research)
Final Paper — Interplay of sex, gender, and motivation (research)

The Psychology of Humour and Laughter:
The humour of Dawn French (research)

These are not all of my papers, but I wanted to give some variety without being overbearing. Also, please note, that these papers are subject to the same standards of academic integrity that are any others. If you plagiarize any of the content presented in one or more of the papers, you are subject to the consequences of your University or other institution. If you would like to legitimately reference any of the presented information in a paper or other publication, please kindly contact me at Thank you for your understanding.

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