Not quiet on the indie front

Over the past couple of days I’ve been actively looking for new independent and foreign films. In particular, I’ve wanted to find purchasable DVDs of Jeff Erbach’s The Nature of Nicholas, and Soft Like Me, Kat Candler’s Cicadas, and Joshua Sanchez’s Kill or be Killed. To start on these valiant and estranged quests, I tried to find contact emails for each of the respective directors or production companies. I already knew Kat’s email address because she sent me a pre-production copy of that film years ago. However, I want the official release of it, as well as the others.

After a few days of searching I’m 2 for 4…or really 2.5 for 4. 😉 I found both of Erbach’s films through the Winnipeg Film Group and ordered them. I should be receiving those films next week sometime thanks to Monica at WFG. I emailed Kat and found out that all the copies of Cicadas are sold out. However, she said there might be more toward the end of the summer. I haven’t heard back from Sanchez about his movie. The only positive side to that part is that one can freely view Kill or be Killed in streaming format on his website.

So, I’m really excited about all of these films (even though I’ve seen Cicadas several times :)). I’ll post reviews for each of the Erbach films once I get them and feast my eyes and mind on them. Anyway, here are the websites for each of the respective films so you can check them out if you want to.

If you are wondering about any of these films or any other independent / foreign films, just shoot me an email at

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