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The Mask You Live In – Something terribly destructive that we demand of boys all the time

Gender development is one of my primary foci within the field of Child and Adolescent Psychology, and this video from The Representation Project vividly portrays one of the most destructive demands that we place on young boys—”Be a man!” The Mask You Live In – Be a Man! There are wonderful pieces of wisdom from …

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Drill Sergeant surprised by a boy’s response about fatherhood

A friend of mine recently sent me a link to this video clip of a Drill Sergeant coming down hard on a preteen boy for his bad behaviour (taken from the Jenny Jones show, Bootcamp my Preteen episode). The boy’s response caught him off-guard, but should serve as a reminder to us of the different …

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Libera – Song of Life full video

Libera has released the full video for Song of Life on their website, and YouTube. In case you want to see the video without dealing with the intermittent high latency of YouTube, I have embedded it below. Simply click on the play button to watch it here. Libera – Song of Life (full version): I …

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