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Videos work again

It had recently come to my attention that the embedded flash videos I had on my blog stopped working. I found out that this had to do with the lighttpd backend, and hotlinking protection. Anyway, all the videos should work again. If you find one that doesn’t, please send me an email. Thanks! |:| Zach …

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Talking photo booth

I received this funny video via email today, and thought I would share it with all of you. Just think about this one before the next time you decide to go into a photo booth at an amusement park. How would you react? Talking Photo Booth: If you want to watch it multiple times, you …

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New FLV Player

Hello all, After many months, I decided that it was time to update the FLV Player software that I keep linked in the right-hand bar. I found that the FLV-S Player is no longer the most functional (in my opinion). After having tried out a few of them, I found that the player (for Windows …

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