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The Parker Fund

Hello all, I don’t usually post very personal things here on The Z-Issue, but rather use it for 1) posting information that may be of interest to others (e.g. solving technical problems [especially with regard to the world of Linux Engineering]), 2) mentioning articles that I found helpful, amusing, or otherwise interesting, or 3) just …

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Happy New Year – 2013

Just wanted to take a quick moment and wish everyone a Happy New Year! It’s that day where we can all start anew, and make resolutions to do this or that (or to not do this or that :razz:). My resolution is to get back to updating my blog on a regular basis. I don’t …

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Time off

Last month, I decided to take a bit of time off from blogging. I was just really swamped with trying to get readjusted after the move, and the large number of projects that I had on my plate. However, I feel a little less stressed now, and think that October should bring back regular blog …

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