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Categorical change and reclassification

One of the interesting aspects about going through all of the former posts on my blog is that it allows me to continuously re-evaluate the applicability and sufficiency of the categories. For instance, I realised that having a category of “Scholarly / Serious” lead to a lot of ambiguity and cross-posting. For that reason, I …

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Tag update and CAPTCHA

As a quick tag update, I’ve finished tagging and recategorising about 30% of the former posts. I figured it would be a tedious process (and it is), but it is also fun to read some of the older posts, and reminisce about those times. Also, I never had all that much of a problem with …

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Tag progress

Well, after chugging away this evening at the processing of tagging all of my previous posts, I’ve found that it is not only tedious, but also quite time consuming. I was only able to get through the most recent 50 posts, but I don’t think that’s all that bad for a start. I would imagine …

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