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Category changes

Today I made some changes to the category structure of the blog. Firstly, I added a “Food and Drink” section, which will be used to review restaurants, dishes, and libations that I try. I’m hoping that it gets a lot of use as I continue to learn and understand more about the wines of the …

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Added the section about me

Well I didn’t get all that much done today in terms of my goals for the blog, but I did update the “About me” post, and linked it to the top menu. If you’re interested in reading a short synoptic biography about me, feel free to check it out by clicking on the “About me” …

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Blog features

I’ve been working on several features of my new blog, and things are progressing quite nicely (though there’s still a lot of work to be done). Firstly, I’ve added a custom menu bar at the top of the postings section (right below the image banner). Right now it links to the home page of my …

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