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Understanding of geography? Not for Exxon Mobil.

Well, sometimes there is a mistake so blatantly obvious on a website that it just has to be shared with others. I was looking at the Material Safety Data Sheets from Exxon Mobil (don’t ask; I was just interested in seeing the white paper on Mobil jet oil), and I noticed something rather strange in …

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Happy New Year – 2013

Just wanted to take a quick moment and wish everyone a Happy New Year! It’s that day where we can all start anew, and make resolutions to do this or that (or to not do this or that :razz:). My resolution is to get back to updating my blog on a regular basis. I don’t …

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Another testament to Amazon’s customer service

Last week, I ordered a couple of CDs from Amazon using my Prime Membership. As an Amazon Prime member, I get guaranteed two-day shipping on every order at no additional cost and overnight shipping for only $3.99 USD per item. So, these two CDs were supposed to arrive on Wednesday, 08 August 2012. However, there …

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