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Are humans GNU?

Okay, so I was thinking about the human body a little bit, and I was trying to figure out if it more closely resembled a Linux or Windows system. I have come to the conclusion that it falls somewhere in the middle of the two. The body has a certain level of freedom similar to …

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Welcome to 2007

Here we are in the new year already! Thinking back on 2006, I would say it was a fairly good year. It definitely had its down times, but coupled with those were many fun and exciting things. I’m anxious to see what this new year will bring. Hopefully, it will be filled with quality times …

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People you haven’t seen in a while

I just saw this girl that I haven’t seen since junior high. We went to elementary school together and were both in the STRETCH program. When I went to high school, though, I lost touch with her. It was good to see her (by the way, her name is Sarah). It just made me think …

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