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FLAC compression level comparison

So, I’m in the process of ripping all my music to FLAC since I am getting a completely new audio system in my home. With the high-end pre-amp, amplifiers, DACs, and floorstanding speakers in place, my full music collection (currently ripped in OGG) will no longer be of sufficient quality. Re-ripping a really large collection …

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Vote for Libera at the Great Exhibition 2012

Libera, the phenomenal boys choir with whom I work, is a contestant in the 2012 Great Exhibition, which celebrates the “Greats” of Great Britain. They are currently in the category of “Undiscovered – Britain Music / Entertainment.” Though that is their primary category, they even have a chance of being in the Top 10 overall …

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Libera – Song of Life full video

Libera has released the full video for Song of Life on their website, and YouTube. In case you want to see the video without dealing with the intermittent high latency of YouTube, I have embedded it below. Simply click on the play button to watch it here. Libera – Song of Life (full version): I …

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