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Libera programmes from the Canadian tour

We have a bunch of Libera programmes from the recent Canadian tour available for purchase. All of the proceeds will go directly to support the choir. For now, they can be purchased through Kent’s eBay account, but I will also be selling them in the near future. Here’s a link to the news article about …

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Review of Libera’s Song of Life

After having listened to Libera’s new single Song of Life about 40 times now, I think I can write a fairly decent review of the piece. The amazing music was written by Japanese composer Takatsugu Muramatsu, the beautiful words written by Robert Prizeman (who also did the arrangement), and the phenomenal solo on the recorded …

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Libera Song of Life mini-album

This morning, I buckled down and decided to purchase the new Libera mini-album (Miracle of Life, or Song of Life [depending on the translation]) from Japan. It is apparently the soundtrack to Verde Madonna. It was ¥3150 (~ £23.33 / €26.44 / $38.50 USD) from HMV Japan. Though it was a bit pricey for one …

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