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Toronto Day 5: Unexpected changes to the itinerary for the day

We woke up, quickly got ready, and headed to YYZ in order to make our flight. However, there was a bit of a change of plans and we didn’t get on the plane. There was a bit of chaos trying to get everything in order for our additional day in Toronto. For instance, we had …

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Toronto Day 4: The CN Tower, and Kitchener for the second show

Again we thought that we may be greeted by the sun in Toronto, but alas, overcast skies with high chances of precipitation. However, according to the forecast, the morning would have clearer skies than the afternoon. As such, we headed downtown to visit the CN Tower. The CN tower was the tallest building in the …

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Toronto Day 3: The Village, Thai, and the first show

Today we woke up to see more rain… bummer. Also, it was quite cold, so we couldn’t get to the zoo again. We decided to go downtown to see what the “big city” was like. We started out by going to this cafe that we visited when we were in Toronto about 4 years ago. …

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