Toronto Day 4: The CN Tower, and Kitchener for the second show

Again we thought that we may be greeted by the sun in Toronto, but alas, overcast skies with high chances of precipitation. However, according to the forecast, the morning would have clearer skies than the afternoon. As such, we headed downtown to visit the CN Tower. The CN tower was the tallest building in the world until that monster was built in Dubai.

Once downtown on Front Street, we found a parking lot and figured that we would just walk to the Tower. In that parking lot, there was this really strange advertisement from Evian water that had pictures of adults with babies’ bodies superimposed on them, so it looked like babies with adult heads. Apparently it is some ad for releasing your inner youth.

Anyway, we made it to the CN Tower, and I had looked at the possibility of going to the 360 Restaurant located just above the visitor area of the Tower. There was a lengthy queue, but we bypassed it by making reservations to eat at 360. We hopped on the lift, and it scared the daylights out of me to see even the taller buildings in the city go racing by the window.

At the 360–and as the name implies–the floor rotated around the Tower, so that diners could view the entire panoramic. We sat down for our three-course meal. I started with these really nicely prepared sweet potato fries, and she had a spinach and Brie tart. For our main courses, I had prime rib with roasted garlic bread pudding and asparagus, and she had salmon. Lastly, I had an apple-almond strudel with pineapple ice cream, and she had a chocolate mousse tower with re-hydrated fruits.

After lunch, we went down a floor to the observation area of the Tower. Having just seen the entire city one floor higher, there wasn’t all that much to see below. However, there was an area that had incredibly thick lexan plates for flooring, so that one could see straight down. Being a wimp, I couldn’t even walk over them and wondered how all these kids were okay with jumping on the panes. Fearless.

We then headed back to the hotel to change for the Libera performance in Kitchener-Waterloo. The drive was a little less than an hour, so it went by quickly. KW is a much smaller town (more of a college feel) than the big city, and so we walked to find a little cafe for tea before the show.

The Kitchener show was a bit special as it was in a theatre (the Centre in the Square). It was a large auditorium, but we had front-row, dead centre seats (which apparently was a guessing game for people involved with the show–they couldn’t wait to see who had seats 19 and 20). Though the performance was essentially the same as the night before, each show is a little bit different. The new talks that the choristers gave during this tour were fun and cute. For instance, Freddie and Cassius had a little spiel about the hoods on their robes. Freddie pulled Cassius’s hood over his head, and proceeded to leave him out in the middle of the stage. Also, they talked about wanting to see a moose in Canada, considering their choir mascot is a moose named… “moose.” It seemed like one of the primary soloists (Stefan) had a bit of a cough, but he managed to execute his parts beautifully regardless.

As with the night before, the show ended way too quickly, and we were off again. Before we left, though, we spent some time talking with many of the great people that we met on this tour (Kent, Lauren, Stephanie, Sean, Beth, and Charles, just to name a few). We headed back to the hotel room and packed for our departure in the morning.

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