Toronto Day 3: The Village, Thai, and the first show

Today we woke up to see more rain… bummer. Also, it was quite cold, so we couldn’t get to the zoo again. We decided to go downtown to see what the “big city” was like. We started out by going to this cafe that we visited when we were in Toronto about 4 years ago. It was called the Village Rainbow Restaurant, and was located in Toronto’s “Village” at Church and Wellesley (near the University). We just stopped in for coffee and tea, but the homemade desserts did look tempting.

After that, we walked around a few blocks to see what there was to see. There’s wasn’t all that much that was interesting, except this storefront that was advertising the Charlie Sheen “Winning” doll. That gave a good laugh. Instead of giving up our parking spot, we decided to just walk to our lunch destination. It was only about seven blocks to the Salad King Thai restaurant, so no big deal. However, it started to snow, and the flakes grew exponentially until they were approximately the size of golf balls and could knock you out if they got ya’ in the temple.

The Salad King had great reviews, and had just reopened after a fire a few months beforehand. The newly-renovated building was decorated in a really fancy, modern, and colourful way. The door on the inside of the bathroom said “Ahhhhhhhh, that feels better.” Anyway, I got this meal with some chicken, carrots, and onions in a spicy sauce with Kafir lime leaves. She got mango chicken, which was really an interesting flavour combination.

After our late lunch, we headed back to the hotel in order to get ready for the first of our Libera shows. This particular show was at the Islington United Church, which was only about ten minutes away. We showed up about 90 minutes early, and there were already a few people in queue. I called Sean and he relayed the message to Lauren to bring out the tickets. Unfortunately, it was dastardly cold outside and it started sleeting. Yet still, we waited in order to get the best seats possible. Little did we know that we were allowed to sit in the “reserved” rows in the front of the church. We took our seats, and waited for the show to begin.

The show was really nice, but the choristers seemed a bit cramped on the small stage. Further, I believe that the venue had been oversold, so there were people sitting everywhere, including on chairs in the aisle. Five members of the choir came out for the first song, and it seemed like only a few minutes before they were announcing their last song of the evening.

After the performance, we headed back toward the hotel, but weren’t ready to call it a night. We went over to the Woodbine racetrack and casino right across from the hotel. The restaurant was open until 00:30, so we had sandwiches and a glass of wine.

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