Toronto Day 2: Niagara weather change

After a few hours sleep, we decided to get up and attempt to seize the day. Unfortunately the weather forecast was correct, and it was raining in the morning. Most of the things we planned for the day were outside, so we might have to rethink this itinerary. Instead of going to the CN Tower and the Toronto Zoo, we’ll head for Niagara Falls.

Before heading to Niagara though, we decided to stop at a place called Sweet India for some lunch. It was really affordable, and not bad at all for the price. On the way out, we saw all of their deserts. Thinking that we should try a bunch of them, I got a box of a dozen cookies and such. They were really interesting. These little pastries that looked like doughnut holes were actually wet because they had been soaked in syrup. We also got a bunch of different flavours of barfi, which is a bit like marzipan.

The drive around Lake Ontario (through Hamilton) was about 90 minutes, which wasn’t all that bad considering the poor road conditions due to the heavy rain and fog. Upon arrival, the rain was still pretty intense, but we tried to find parking to view the falls anyway. I found this place that said free parking with entry ticket. It turned out to be this bird aviary, which was quite cool! We went in, and there were three floors of differently-themed aviaries, each with birds native to that type of climate and environment. I took plenty of photos, and once I get home, I will try to upload some of them.

After the bird sanctuary, we decided that we would try to walk down and see the falls. It was quite chilly and damp, but we made the walk anyway. Right around the time that we got to the falls, the rain dissipated, the clouds cleared, and the sun came out. What a difference! Not only did it feel significantly warmer, but it really gave us the chance to see the falls like they should be seen. They were spectacular.

The drive back to Toronto was a lot nicer (and shorter) without the heavy rain. We made it back in a bit over an hour. Once back, we tried to find a place to eat, but unfortunately, many of the places on the GPS weren’t there anymore, or were closed. After driving around in circles, we went back to a place that was somewhat like a Chinese buffet. We bought a bottle of sake, and enjoyed a quick meal before heading back to the hotel.

Tomorrow we are going to try to see a bit of downtown, provided the weather isn’t as bad as today. 😉

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