Libera Song of Life mini-album

This morning, I buckled down and decided to purchase the new Libera mini-album (Miracle of Life, or Song of Life [depending on the translation]) from Japan. It is apparently the soundtrack to Verde Madonna. It was ¥3150 (~ £23.33 / €26.44 / $38.50 USD) from HMV Japan. Though it was a bit pricey for one new song, I loved the song that much at the performances that I had to get a copy. I know that I could have purchased a download of it, but I just don’t like the quality of the downloads. I would rather extract my own FLAC or hi-bitrate OGG from the disc.

Anyway, it will likely arrive next week, and once it does, I will certainly post a review of the album (especially the title track). The solos are by Ralph Skan, and backing by James Mordaunt. I hope it is as lovely as it was in concert, and I’ll venture a guess that it is. 🙂

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