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Modifier location is important

Ugh. Today, on Merriam Webster’s Word of the Day, there was a misplaced modifier in one of the example sentences. Considering MW is supposed to be one of the authorities on grammatical correctness, I was quite disappointed. Here’s the sentence, with the word of the day being vitrine: “A weathered wooden child’s chair is stacked …

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Kindle…the future of book burning

Amazon’s Kindle is appropriately named, as to kindle means to “catch fire” or to “cause to start burning” (Wordnet 3.0, n.d.). The newest generation of Kindle products support the downloading of books without even having a computer connection, allowing the consumer to get a new book “anytime, anywhere” ( Kindle, 2009). At first glance, this …

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Buddhist Wisdom for Difficult Times (Part IV)

Okay, so the idea that I could get one of these done per day hasn’t exactly worked out. However, I’m still going to finish the series, but it may take me longer than previously anticipated. We need to seriously investigate whether people who have fame, power, and wealth are happy and whether those who have …

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