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Modifier location is important

Ugh. Today, on Merriam Webster’s Word of the Day, there was a misplaced modifier in one of the example sentences. Considering MW is supposed to be one of the authorities on grammatical correctness, I was quite disappointed. Here’s the sentence, with the word of the day being vitrine: “A weathered wooden child’s chair is stacked …

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You can’t handle the truth!

One would assume that, because of the title of this entry, that I’m going to discuss the amazing movie that is A Few Good Men, but that is not the case. Instead I’m going to ramble on about something I noticed in the movie that made me think about the current state of justice systems …

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Computers and syllogisms

After looking all through the character map for Arial Narrow in Windows, and various other fonts on my Linux boxes, I realised that several fonts are missing an incredibly vital syllogistic symbol! The therefore symbol, which looks like a triangle of three dots ( &there4 ) can’t be found within many popular font maps. To …

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