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Google = codename Black Death

This will be more of a slightly incoherent rant than a scholarly debate… just a warning. I’m plum tired of seeing posts on respectable message boards, search results, books and even videos on Google and its usage. Google, my friends, does NOT rule the internet, contrary to apparent popular belief. Google is merely a search …

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Alright, so the news that I just received almost prompted me to make a new category on my site specifically for violent rants! I just found out that I have classes on Monday, even though it is a federal holiday. That’s just FREAKIN’ wonderful. Now I have to work the entire weekend and instead of …

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The week from Hell

And so it begins; the week from Hell. This week I have an unusually high amount of tests and projects for school, and it just so happens that it is also the week that my boss is on vacation. Therefore, I have to work almost 40 hours. Nothing beats more than a full-time class-load at …

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