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Is this what humanity has become?: A brief look at the Syrian Refugees

If you’ve been watching the news over the past days and weeks, you’ve certainly seen information regarding the thousands of people fleeing Syria (and other nations in the Middle East [such as Afghanistan] and northern Africa [such as Eritrea]). Natives of these countries have been trying to escape due to the vast political and ethical …

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Veteran’s Day is one of uncertainty

Today, 11 November, is an interesting holiday in the United States. It is the day in which we honour those individuals who have served in the armed forces and have defended their country. I say that it is an interesting holiday because I am torn on how I feel about the entire concept. On one …

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Thailand Day 2: Shutdown Bangkok, protests, and temples

Today, we woke up a little earlier than anticipated, and decided to get going on our second day in Bangkok. I had planned on visiting several temples throughout the day, since they are such a huge part of Thai culture. Our first temple was Wat (which means “temple” in Thai) Benchamabopit, or more commonly known …

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