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Brushin’ up on the Russian

I’ve decided to take my Russian to the next level and incorporate it into my daily life. I’m going to start reading the Russian newspaper articles (dictionary in hand, of course), watching Russian movies without subtitles, and listening to Russian music. I think that this will be the only way that I can get my …

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Maybe the education department needs an IEP

Today proved to be one of complete frustration. It simply didn’t start off very well. I had an argument with Professor C.K. (I refuse to call her “Dr.” as she hasn’t earned it in my mind). Here’s a quick synopsis of the verbal transaction. Firstly, she stated that IEPs didn’t have to be written following …

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UKTV – Boys Alone

Well, I just received my copy of this TV show that aired on UKTV a while ago. The movie is called Boys Alone and it is a psuedo-reality TV documentary where ten 11-year-old boys were put in a house to live for an extended period of time. They weren’t allowed to leave the house or …

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