Brushin’ up on the Russian

I’ve decided to take my Russian to the next level and incorporate it into my daily life. I’m going to start reading the Russian newspaper articles (dictionary in hand, of course), watching Russian movies without subtitles, and listening to Russian music. I think that this will be the only way that I can get my Russian to the same level of proficiency as my English.

Today, I got an article off of and I’m trying to translate it. So far, these are the new words that I’ve learned:

“обещать” по-английски “to promise.”
“защитить” по-английски “to protect.”
“останется” по-английски “it will remain.”
“безучастный” по-английски “apathetic.”

The part that I found really interesting was the last one. The prefix “без” means “without” and then the rest of the word is “частный” which means “sympathy.” Therefore, the full word (prefix and root) means “without sympathy” which is essentially “apathy.” I love it when I can piece together different words based on their roots and such.

Not too bad for the first day. However, it does seem a little overwhelming right now. I’m hoping that will get better as time goes on.

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