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Analytical Report on the validity of United States democracy

I just finished my analytical report discussing the effectiveness of two different articles regarding the framers’ ideas about democracy. To really understand this analysis (as well as with any other analysis), it is necessary to read the two articles being analysed. If you want to read those articles, they are available in the book How …

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Open Letter

Alrighty, I’m finally done with my rough draft of my open letter. The letter addresses my concerns of the Balanced Literacy program being used in gradeschool. While I think it may be an effective methodology for high school, and even middle school, I don’t think it is efficient at the elementary level. This letter was …

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GREAT article on literacy

If you are going into education, or are currently an educator, I urge you to read this article that I found about literacy. It offers some incredibly powerful tactics to improving literacy in younger children. While some of them seem to be common knowledge, they only are effective IF they are used properly. Check out …

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