Maybe the education department needs an IEP

Today proved to be one of complete frustration. It simply didn’t start off very well. I had an argument with Professor C.K. (I refuse to call her “Dr.” as she hasn’t earned it in my mind). Here’s a quick synopsis of the verbal transaction.

Firstly, she stated that IEPs didn’t have to be written following the “deficiency model,” which I’m sure is a title that she made up on-the-fly. She meant that IEPs didn’t have to address a student’s deficiencies directly. I quickly retorted that the PLEP didn’t have to address deficiencies, but that the goals pages did, as that was the purpose of the form.

Secondly, she said that the goals didn’t have to be worded in such a way that they seemed like deficiencies. To that, I seeked clarification by asking “so, you’re saying that the goals pages address deficiencies but they don’t have to be worded as such?” She said yes, and I responded by saying “so you would rather address the problems indirectly. The problem is there, but you’d rather make the wording ‘pretty,’ which is very PC?” Then Professor KC raised her voice to the point that other students called it “yelling,” and said “It’s not PC, IT’S RIGHT!”

Thirdly, as if she hadn’t already proven her inability to discuss a topic like an adult, she abruptly ended the conversation and “moved on to another topic.” To me, that does nothing more that signify an acceptance of academic defeat and a lack of respect for a student’s legitimate question. Apparently it is unacceptable to disagree with her. Not to mention she used her “years of experience” as emperical justification of her position.

Regarding a separate but equally unnerving issue, Professor C.K. demonstrated the complete lack of communication between the students and members of the (un)education department. A few seniors have yet to take the CBASE exam, and they were told that they needed to take it before the start of the next semester. However, the results have to be in before the start of the next semester. The only way for that to happen would be to take it in September, which has already come and gone.

While the maladroit education department, in and of itself is annoying, Professor C.K.’s next plan of action was downright asinine. She felt that it was necessary to “report” (aka “tattle”) to Dr. C.S. about our “behaviours” today. With regard to handling a situation in an adult manner, way to go Cathie!

The only thing that today’s experience proves to me is that the education department at University is simply living off of its name. The only thing they know how to do well is make potentially great teachers with a passion for educating want to go into a different field.

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