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Venetian blinds

I’m still traversing through the pages of Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice with the same awe that I had when first starting the novel. Last night as I read through chapter four, I frequently stopped to mark sentences, passages, and pages that are extraordinarily powerful. I just thought I would share a couple of the …

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What is the goal of a writer?

Recently I started reading Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice. It is typical Mann in that every scene is an intricately woven web; a coalescence of words so delicately crafted that you timidly turn the page, as to not disturb the sleeping ink. One passage was so powerful that I couldn’t resist sharing it. In it, …

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Do NOT let them read about penguins!

Today in Children’s Literature we briefly discussed the new kid’s book that is apparently stirring up a lot of controversy. It is called And Tango Makes Three, and it’s about two penguins raising a baby penguin. You may be asking yourself, “what’s the problem with that?” Well, both of the penguins are male. Instead of …

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