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Censorship in open fora?

Today I went down to Webster University in order to hear a Town Hall Meeting on the current state of health issues throughout the world. The keynote speakers were the Honourable South African Ambassador to the United States, Barbara Masekela, and the Associate Professor and Dean of Diversity at the Washington University School of Medicine, …

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“The emotional miseducation of boys”

I’ve again started reading Kindlon & Thompson’s Raising Cain, and just within the first few pages have gotten more out of it than any previous read-through. One of the truly wonderful things about this particular book is just that; one gains new insight and recognises new things each time one reads it. Woven through its …

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Computers and syllogisms

After looking all through the character map for Arial Narrow in Windows, and various other fonts on my Linux boxes, I realised that several fonts are missing an incredibly vital syllogistic symbol! The therefore symbol, which looks like a triangle of three dots ( &there4 ) can’t be found within many popular font maps. To …

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