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Should you laugh at these cartoons?

I was perusing DA and I stumbled across some very interesting political cartoons. The first of which was rather amusing because of its content and the overly devious-looking caricatures. The second, however, wasn’t so funny, but it definitely proved my point about this so-called “war” (a.k.a. another excuse for Bush to have wartime presidential powers) …

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Do NOT let them read about penguins!

Today in Children’s Literature we briefly discussed the new kid’s book that is apparently stirring up a lot of controversy. It is called And Tango Makes Three, and it’s about two penguins raising a baby penguin. You may be asking yourself, “what’s the problem with that?” Well, both of the penguins are male. Instead of …

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Stems cells can form into any organ, including a washed brain

Everywhere I go I seem to see these signs saying “No stem cell research!” or even “Say NO to cloning!” These types of signs really frustrate me because all they demonstrate is a complete lack of understanding. While I have nothing against one following one’s own religious values, I do disagree with BLINDLY following the …

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