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Analytical Report on the validity of United States democracy

I just finished my analytical report discussing the effectiveness of two different articles regarding the framers’ ideas about democracy. To really understand this analysis (as well as with any other analysis), it is necessary to read the two articles being analysed. If you want to read those articles, they are available in the book How …

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The real war

There is all this talk of a war going on in the Middle East, President Bush, and all that other jargon. However, what we commonly overlook is the civil war going on right here in the United States. There is a HUGE battle going on between the US citizens and the RIAA / MPAA / …

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Farewell to Manzanar

Just finished up my essay on the book Farewell to Manzanar by Jeanne Wakatsuki. It discussed life during the Japanese internment during WWII after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. I always knew about this type of injustice, but had never heard a first-hand story from a primary source. The book is a really easy read …

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