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Censorship in open fora?

Today I went down to Webster University in order to hear a Town Hall Meeting on the current state of health issues throughout the world. The keynote speakers were the Honourable South African Ambassador to the United States, Barbara Masekela, and the Associate Professor and Dean of Diversity at the Washington University School of Medicine, …

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Do NOT let them read about penguins!

Today in Children’s Literature we briefly discussed the new kid’s book that is apparently stirring up a lot of controversy. It is called And Tango Makes Three, and it’s about two penguins raising a baby penguin. You may be asking yourself, “what’s the problem with that?” Well, both of the penguins are male. Instead of …

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Poor Evelyn, Poor World

My wonderful Adolescent Psychology professor was in quite a funk today. She came in and yelled at us because she found out that a student had been plagiarizing all of her papers. I can understand Evelyn’s pain as that is the bane of any professor’s existence. To make matters worse, she was really upset about …

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