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“The emotional miseducation of boys”

I’ve again started reading Kindlon & Thompson’s Raising Cain, and just within the first few pages have gotten more out of it than any previous read-through. One of the truly wonderful things about this particular book is just that; one gains new insight and recognises new things each time one reads it. Woven through its …

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Insert title here

After the second day of classes, I am giving even further thought to dropping my education degree. Even though I am quite close to completing the required courses for the B.A., I just don’t know if I can handle the banality any longer. Paradoxically, the entire School of Education claims to focus on critical thinking, …

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Do NOT let them read about penguins!

Today in Children’s Literature we briefly discussed the new kid’s book that is apparently stirring up a lot of controversy. It is called And Tango Makes Three, and it’s about two penguins raising a baby penguin. You may be asking yourself, “what’s the problem with that?” Well, both of the penguins are male. Instead of …

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