Damn you, Garbage!

Garbage, a few years back, had this song called “I’m Only Happy When it Rains,” and I blame them for the bad weather today. The weather gods were angry and decided that soccer needed to be cancelled today. I guess it was a good thing though because now I can study a little more for my history exam tomorrow. I probably wouldn’t have done that if I went to the soccer game. I was looking forward to seeing the Griffins brutally slaughter MICDS though. Darn. Well, I’m sure that they will reschedule it for later on. AND, the tournament is next week, so there will be four games, including one against my alma mater.

Billy’s Back?

Well, to anyone that knows me, it is readily apparent that I was a big Billy Gilman fan back in the day. However, I was just sent a link to one of his new music videos in an email from my good friend Keith, and it’s really good. I think he might be making a comeback! Check it out:

New Billy videos

Thanks for the link Keith! 🙂

Dredg – Catch Without Arms

Well, here it is: the awaited new album from Dredg. I loved leitmotif, so I couldn’t wait to hear what the new CD would sound like. Would it be totally different? Would it be a continuation of the older discs? From the very hard-hitting intro track of “Ode to the Sun” all the way to my favourite track, “Planting Seeds,” Dredg brings a masterpiece of intertwining tenor vocals, beautiful U2-esque guitar integration, and trance-style bass lines. The only thing is I wish I would have heard a little more variation between songs on the CD.

My favourite tracks on the disc right now are:
1. Planting Seeds
2. Spitshine
3. Bug Eyes

If you would like to check out some sound clips, you can either visit the band’s website at:


Or, CD Universe at:

CD Universe

Catch Without Arms cover

I have to give “Catch Without Arms” a valiant:

8 / 10