I’m back into the whole eBay thing again. If anyone remembers, I used to be an eBay freak that would buy just about anything that I could. However, this time, I’m selling. If you’re interested in purchasing anything, go for it! I need the money as I’m trying to save for this new Canon EOS 20D camera.

I really didn’t get any homework done like I was supposed to. I only finished my portfolio and did my listening exercises for music. I didn’t get to my open letter or my Farewell to Manzanar essay. Neither of them should be horribly difficult, but I don’t really feel like doing them. I think I’ll just stay home tomorrow night and finish both of them. That way, I can have the rest of the weekend to kick back and relax. Also have to make time for the game on Saturday. It’s the final game of the CBC series and you don’t get much more exciting than that! 🙂

Well, I’m headed off to get a jump-start on my essays.
Goodnight for now,

P.S. The review of the new Coheed CD should be coming within the next couple days.

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