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Board retirement

There comes a time in every man’s board’s life when it has to be erased and updated. Today is that day for my dry-erase board in my room. On this particular board is a collection of interesting, prophetic, and outlandishly amusing quotes, sayings, and proverbs. Before the board is updated, however, I need to immortalise …

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Poor Evelyn, Poor World

My wonderful Adolescent Psychology professor was in quite a funk today. She came in and yelled at us because she found out that a student had been plagiarizing all of her papers. I can understand Evelyn’s pain as that is the bane of any professor’s existence. To make matters worse, she was really upset about …

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Happy Birthday Sam!!!

Since it is officially midnight, I feel fairly certain that I’m the first person to wish you a HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY! I hope the day goes really well for you. We’ll have a good time tomorrow with whatever we do. And just for you, Sam: Click here for your birthday surprise! |:| Zach |:|