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The start of week 7 (of the term, that is)

Tomorrow starts week 7 of this Fall semester. Considering I don’t feel like I’ve been hit by a bus as I did last week, this one should be much nicer. Let’s see what’s planned thus far: MONDAY: – School and then more school, but with the kiddos. – Hopefully going to dinner with my Mum. …

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The new Stanley!

Well, the time has come for a new Stanley to enter the world. Skylar Stanley came forth into life at around 23:45 on Wednesday, 29 March 2006. I’m so excited for both Ryan and Manda. Congrats to the both of you! Click the image to see a larger version. -=-Zach-=-

People you haven’t seen in a while

I just saw this girl that I haven’t seen since junior high. We went to elementary school together and were both in the STRETCH program. When I went to high school, though, I lost touch with her. It was good to see her (by the way, her name is Sarah). It just made me think …

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