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Avenue Q

Today I had the great honour of seeing an incredibly funny play at the Fox Theatre in Saint Louis, MO, USA. I went with two great friends to see Avenue Q, which is might be explained as “Sesame Street for adults.” The show features Muppets, but includes profanity, alcohol, one-night stands, and truly deserves this …

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The Impossible Quiz

Last night, my good friend Miguel Garcia Juan Hernandez Juñar (Mike) showed me this really dumb, but really addicting game known as The Impossible Quiz. What you have to know about the game is that it follows logic…just not the logic that might readily come to mind. Try to think a little bit outside of …

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Breeding like bunnies

I think that a congratulations in store for my good friend Miguel Garcia Juan Hernandez Junior (a.k.a. Mike). Last night I got to see his latest acquisition, which surprised me greatly! He bought a 2008 Volkswagen Rabbit. I don’t think there has even been someone more deserving of a new car than Mike. Though I …

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