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Modifier location is important

Ugh. Today, on Merriam Webster’s Word of the Day, there was a misplaced modifier in one of the example sentences. Considering MW is supposed to be one of the authorities on grammatical correctness, I was quite disappointed. Here’s the sentence, with the word of the day being vitrine: “A weathered wooden child’s chair is stacked …

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Punctuation is important

I have always enjoyed Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynn Truss because it comically explains the importance of punctuation on intended meaning. I was looking around the internet today to see if I could get myself in a better mood when I stumbled upon this great image: WHAT is in that Blizzard? Seems like a …

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The DLD abuse contest

Hello all, Recently, on deviantART, the literary group known as =DailyLitDeviations (or DLD for short) started a prose contest regarding abuse. I have recently finished my entry for the contest, and posted it on my profile. To get to my profile page, you may click the “deviantART” button in the toolbar to the right. If …

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