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The DLD abuse contest

Hello all, Recently, on deviantART, the literary group known as =DailyLitDeviations (or DLD for short) started a prose contest regarding abuse. I have recently finished my entry for the contest, and posted it on my profile. To get to my profile page, you may click the “deviantART” button in the toolbar to the right. If …

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Slow Dance

Just a little while ago, I received an email containing a poem that needs to be shared with the world. This poem was written by a young girl with cancer, currently in a hospital in New York, United States. When you read the poem, you may feel a variety of different emotions sweeping over you; …

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I have really gotten back into the swing of posting and being a part of the DeviantART community. I have put up copies of the two photographs presented here on the Z-Issue under the “photography” category. So far, it does seem like there are a few people interested in my work, and my piece entitled …

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