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Kindle…the future of book burning

Amazon’s Kindle is appropriately named, as to kindle means to “catch fire” or to “cause to start burning” (Wordnet 3.0, n.d.). The newest generation of Kindle products support the downloading of books without even having a computer connection, allowing the consumer to get a new book “anytime, anywhere” (Amazon.com: Kindle, 2009). At first glance, this …

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Proofreading…a thing of the past

After watching the news a couple days ago, I realised that apparently nobody cares about proofing anymore. The story was about an elderly woman dying of heat exhaustion, but that isn’t what the screen headline reported: 😉 |:| Zach |:|

No children allowed

Well, after an incredibly long day of working on homework, I still don’t feel caught up at all. However, I did find a picture of this excellent sign that is up in an apartment complex. This, my friends, is a prime example of why misplaced modifiers are a huge pet peeve of mine; they can …

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