Spice & Curry Indian restaurant – Durham, NC

Recently, I tried a new Indian restaurant in the area because a colleague recommended it to me. I had mentioned to him that I’d been going to Sitar, and really enjoyed it, but he insisted that a place called Spice & Curry was better. Seeing as he has had some good restaurant recommendations in the past, I thought that I would give it a go.

I went on a Sunday, and the buffet was a bit cheaper than Sitar, but it also offered fewer items. Interestingly, the staple of Indian food in America (Chicken tikka masala) was not present. However, there were were two alternatives to it: Paneer tikka masala (which is the same dish, but with cheese instead of chicken [and since I’m allergic to cheese, I couldn’t eat it]), and Butter chicken. Though it was good, I find it to be a little heavy. They also had many rice dishes like Biryani, with either chicken of vegetables. They were both tasty, but fairly generic.

They also had one of my favourite sides, which is Idli, but in my opinion, they were really overcooked, and had a gritty texture to them. Though they didn’t have tamarind chutney on the buffet, the waiter readily brought me a dish of it when I asked. It, like the other generally sweet chutneys, was a little bitter and astringent. Idli is typically a breakfast side that is eaten with a coconut or other sweet chutney. Not having that sweetness made the idli a bit bland.

The service at Spice & Curry was quite good, and the cheaper price was nice. That being said, I didn’t really think that the quality of food was very high, and therefore, not worth it despite the lower cost. If you haven’t been to Sitar, make sure to check out my post about it, and I would urge you to try it instead of Spice & Curry.


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