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Best Indian food in Saint Louis, MO – Peshwa Indian Restaurant

I am no stranger to Indian food, as it is among my favourite types of cuisine (along with Thai and Vietnamese). Having been back in the Saint Louis area for two years now, I have tried many different Indian restaurants, but have been disappointed for one reason or another (price, variety of regional dishes, a …

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Saffron Indian restaurant – Saint Louis, MO

Now that I am back in Saint Louis, I have been trying a bunch of different restaurants than the ones that I had frequented when I lived here before. Seeing as Indian food is one of my favourites, I have been to several different places in the area in search of good ones. There are …

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Spice & Curry Indian restaurant – Durham, NC

Recently, I tried a new Indian restaurant in the area because a colleague recommended it to me. I had mentioned to him that I’d been going to Sitar, and really enjoyed it, but he insisted that a place called Spice & Curry was better. Seeing as he has had some good restaurant recommendations in the …

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