Category: Technology

Defeat again on the O2 front

Last week I talked with the people at Hondata and found out that the cause of my check-engine light and the AFR failure is that my O2 sensor doesn’t match my ECU. They said I needed to buy the primary O2 sensor out of a base-model RSX (or 2004 Civic Si). So I did, and …

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New installation of Gentoo

After hours of researching and examining new Linux distros, I decided to go with an updated version of Gentoo (2006.1). I’m installing it firstly on my test machine (Green), and then possibly on Blue if I like it. The only thing that I noticed that was somewhat interesting about this particular distro is that it …

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Google = codename Black Death

This will be more of a slightly incoherent rant than a scholarly debate… just a warning. I’m plum tired of seeing posts on respectable message boards, search results, books and even videos on Google and its usage. Google, my friends, does NOT rule the internet, contrary to apparent popular belief. Google is merely a search …

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