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Today I was perusing the interweb looking for a software suite that would meet my needs. With my business really picking up, it is getting difficult for me to remember all the appointments that I have scheduled. Not to mention, I also have to remember when I’ve made plans with friends, other appointments (for the car, et cetera), and just general life events. So, I was looking for a calendar program that would be suitable for the large amount of events that I will need to program into it, and one that would allow me to organize the display daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly.

I thought I had finally found the right program, but alas, it was incredibly expensive. $199.99 USD is awfully steep for a simple calendar program. Right about that time, I found the wonderful Mozilla Sunbird. I currently use Firefox–which used to be called Firebird in its earlier versions–and Thunderbird by Mozilla. All of the Mozilla products have worked out very nicely for me on both my Linux and Windows machines. So, I thought I would give Sunbird a go, and boy am I glad that I did. I really does everything that I need it to, and to make things better, it is visually appealing.

So, if you are in need of a good calendar program to manage your busy schedule, I highly recommend Sunbird. Here’s a link to the Mozilla subsite for it:

Also, if you already use Thunderbird and would rather just have a more basic calendar built into it, you can try the Mozilla Lightning plugin for Thunderbird, which can also be found on that same subsite. I haven’t messed around with that one yet, but I will probably try it a little later on. It does seem like it has some nice features that are well mated with Thunderbird’s handling of email.

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