Category: Technology

Are humans GNU?

Okay, so I was thinking about the human body a little bit, and I was trying to figure out if it more closely resembled a Linux or Windows system. I have come to the conclusion that it falls somewhere in the middle of the two. The body has a certain level of freedom similar to …

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Defeat again on the O2 front

Last week I talked with the people at Hondata and found out that the cause of my check-engine light and the AFR failure is that my O2 sensor doesn’t match my ECU. They said I needed to buy the primary O2 sensor out of a base-model RSX (or 2004 Civic Si). So I did, and …

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New installation of Gentoo

After hours of researching and examining new Linux distros, I decided to go with an updated version of Gentoo (2006.1). I’m installing it firstly on my test machine (Green), and then possibly on Blue if I like it. The only thing that I noticed that was somewhat interesting about this particular distro is that it …

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